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Fundraiser Bootcamp

10:00AM - May 18, 2024

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Join us in our Boot Camp for a Cause

4 Stations

FedWay Trainer – Anthony Skeen

Anthony’s circuit focuses on strength and hypertrophy with the use of barbells and olympic lifting styles.

Circuit 1

Burien Trainer – Amber Springer

Focusing on functional movements, Amber’s circuit will get you moving in multiple planes of motion with a strong heart rate.

Circuit 2

FedWay Trainer – Evan Candoo

Evan takes a holistic spin and includes aspects from all domains of strength, movement, and fitness.

Circuit 3

Burien Trainer – Julia Lucas

Julia’s circuit emphasizes high intensity work with exercises to get your heart rate high, muscles moving, and blood pumping.

Circuit 4

Kick off with a heart-pumping workout and cap it off at an unforgettable afterparty

—all for a good cause.

The Workout

The first portion of the event will focus on the Fundraiser Workout led by the Freestar Fitness training staff! With each coach providing their unique style and spin, participants undergo a truly special workout experience.

The Afterparty

Cool down after the workout with our exclusive cold plunge, guaranteed to invigorate and refresh. Mingle with friends over delicious food and drinks, and add to the fun with engaging games—this afterparty is where memories are made

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What should I bring to the bootcamp workout?

Can beginners participate in the bootcamp workout?

What type of food and drinks will be available at the afterparty?

Are there any age restrictions for the event?

How does the cold plunge work? Is it safe?