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The Freedom Star Story

We believe fitness can be exciting, desirable, and full of inspiration. With two thriving locations, Freedom Star has become a symbol of dedication to the pursuit of health and wellness.

Born from a passion for fitness and a desire to create a supportive community, Freedom Star emerged as a beacon for individuals seeking transformation. It all began when Drew DeVry set out to establish a haven for fitness enthusiasts.

Drew DeVry

Hi, I’m Drew, and I’m passionate about fitness and helping others lead healthier lives. Two decades ago, I embarked on my journey in the fitness industry as a personal trainer. Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless transformations and shared in the joy of my clients’ successes. Today, I’m proud to be the owner of my own gym, where I continue to inspire individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

The Path to Freedom Star

Personal Trainer
Shared Location with Baseball Complex
Freedom Fitness Burien, WA Opened
2nd Location in Federal Way, WA Opens
Industry Leader & Top Rated Gym in Seattle

Where Our Friends…

With countless stories of workout buddies and gym friends originating at Freedom Star, we have set the precedent of a healthy and supportive community.


Become Family.

We all believe in becoming the best version of ourselves. At Freedom Star we do it together.