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Burien Class Schedule

Meet The Burien Team

All of our trainers are experts in fitness, our bootcamp classes, and empowering our community. Explore each trainer and their specialties!

Drew DeVry


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Kyle Johnson

BS in Biology, CPT, Corrective Exercise, CSCS, PN1, Pain Free Specialist,

Hi I’m Coach Kyle,
I have been lucky enough to be a coach here at freedom Fitness for the past 10 years, doing what I truly love, helping people become a heathier, stronger version of themselves. I grew up coming to FF as a teenager, where Drew would take me through guided workouts specific for baseball, and I couldn’t get enough. I came back to FF during college and actually started attending bootcamps with some amazing people that I am still friends with to this day. That’s where Drew recognized my love for fitness and offered me a job helping others with those same guided workouts. This career has brought me so much joy and way too many friends to count (what a great problem to have!)
In my 10 years of training, I have become certified as a personal trainer, correct exercise practitioner, performance enhancement specialist, certified conditioning coach, PN1 nutrition coach, pain free performance specialist, and have my BS in Biology from the University of Washington, Go Dawgs!
I love what I do and plan to train anyone and everyone for a very long time!

Amber Springer


Coach Amber (She/her) spends most of her active time out of the gym in a hot yoga studio. As a 200-hr Hatha certified teacher, yoga is her driving passion. She is an avid frizbee player, ping pong enthusiast, and lover of urban rucking in Seattle. She is driven by play in motion, holistic wellness, and a balanced approach to fitness. She is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has a developed understanding of transgender and queer barriers to comfort in gym settings. She is adept at creating a safe and welcoming environment focused on human connection. Coaching time with her will feel safe, encouraging, and leave you with a renewed sense of personal power. As a NASM- CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), she is up to date in the latest training techniques. Amber also has accomplished a Bachelor's of Science Degree from Arizona State University in Integrative Health. She has worked in the fitness realm since age 19, bringing 12+ years of accumulated skills and 3000+ hours of live teaching experience to Freedom Fitness members.

Julia Lucas


Hi, I’m Coach Julia! I began at Freedom Fitness in January 2024, but I have been involved in fitness and athletics about as long as I could walk. I have a personal background in strength training for performance, and I even played softball at the collegiate level where I continued to expand my knowledge of what the gym has to offer. Over the years, I have trained in many different areas of the fitness world, so I come with a well rounded arsenal of movements and programs. In my professional career so far, I have had the privilege of working in group settings, as well as, offering individual training. I have worked with a variety of clients who have come from many different backgrounds and initial fitness levels. I come with certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, and nutrition; and I plan on continuing to educate myself along the way. At Freedom Fitness, I am thrilled to be able to teach three classes every evening, as well as offer personalized 1:1 training. I take a lot of pride in my classes and training, and I’ll make sure you get a great workout in and always leave here smiling!

Savannah Kraft


Savanna has spent much of her career life in education. Savanna has studied human development, biology, and psychology with a focus on health and wellness. Savanna is a certified Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer with Corrective Exercise Specialization, Aerial Hoop Instructor, Aerial Conditioning Instructor, and Pole Instructor. When she isn’t training, you can find her in her pajamas, crafting, upcycling, thrifting, cooking, outdoors, traveling, eating snacks, or at a festival. She has a passion for promoting mental health, life balance, and living authentically!


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