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Meet The Federal Way Team

All of our trainers are experts in fitness, our bootcamp classes, and empowering our community. Explore each trainer and their specialties!

Drew DeVry


After college, I started working at a big-box gym. At first, it was fun, but soon I realized that the big-box gym business model was NOT set up to benefit the members. I worked there for about two years when I decided to start my own gym that would treat members differently than big-box gyms.
My mission was to offer HELP to all gym members without selling them something. To this day, I still love guiding new members along their journey toward better health and building strength.

Anthony Skeen

CPT, Corrective Exercise, CSCS

My approach to training is straightforward: I'm here to challenge and support you, but most importantly, to guide you in discovering your own strength. This philosophy stems from my own experiences in martial arts, where understanding a variety of subtle movement is crucial. I've learned that the body has an 'internal universe', a complex system that requires careful attention and understanding. This awareness is something I bring to each training session, helping clients not only perform exercises but also connect with their bodies on a deeper level.
Coach Evan Candoo

Evan Candoo


Hello, my name is Evan Candoo (sounds exactly how it's spelled, Can-Do).
I am passionate and enthusiastic about health and wellness and had to learn the hard way on how to respect and value that.
I am a Certified Level 2 Movement Specialist and Level 2 Holistic Life Coach aka Level 2 Chek Practitioner as well as a certified personal trainer through NPTI (National Personal Trainer Institute). I feel and believe health as a whole is built upon a strong, sturdy and stable foundation that consists of multiple pillars to create, uphold and upgrade our wellbeing. As someone who has gone through military bootcamp and been around high level sports I know and understand how much of a bonding agent working out in a group setting and sharing that experience is. To not only one's health but to also help connect the community we are all apart of. That is one of the reasons I love working out with individuals and classes.
As a Health Coach and Practitioner one of the medicines I prescribe and administer is Movement. While all humans need movement in their lives, which kind and how hard is dependent on the individual, their abilities and their goals/aspirations. That could be from intentional mobilization and stretching, body weight / calisthenics work, to resistance and weight training.
My goal is to help you achieve your goals and dreams and will be your brother in the world of Health and Wellness. And whether we work together, cross paths in the gym or outside, or never meet at all I wish you the absolute best and know that you can achieve whatever you put your mind and energy to.

Vinny Waara


Vinny graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. After teaching P.E. and Health for several years, he decided to take his passion and knowledge into the fitness industry. Vinny is ACE certified, and over the last 10+ years has had experience training the full spectrum of clientele in a variety of different atmospheres; he knows how to lead a great training session anywhere!
Having lost over 70 pounds
himself, Vinny knows what it takes to achieve and maintain results, and loves paying-it-forward.
Outside of fitness, Vinny leads a very active lifestyle. He enjoys coaching High School basketball, running, and spending quality time with his friends/family and French bulldog!


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