Training & Coaching Services


What are your fitness goals? At Freedom Fitness, all memberships include training. The proprietary training system (what we call our “Guided Workout Sheets”) developed by Drew DeVry is helping people achieve those goals. No matter your fitness level, we have a specialized program that will help you with:

*Losing Weight

*Sleeping Better

*Getting Toned

*Fat Loss

*Lower Cholesterol

*Gaining Strength

*Nutrition Guides

*More Energy

*Lower Blood Pressure

*Injury Rehab

*Meal Plans

*Feel Better

Our guided workouts with trainers provide members the ability to get the guidance & help of a trainer, but at a lower cost of traditional one-on-one personal training. This system is the foundation of Freedom Fitness.

One trainer can train multiple people at once, but each individual has their own workout, picked out for their goals, their fitness level, and any possible physical limitations they may have. This system of training is very unique and has proven to be very effective for thousands of Freedom Fitness members.

 Contact us for more information about our prices for affordable guided training memberships.


We also offer traditional one-on-one training. For those who want the exclusive attention of one of our trainers for 60 minutes, this is a good option for you. We offer traditional 1-on-1 Training Sessions for both members and non-members. You can purchase each session individually or purchase a package of sessions. We have a number of options. (Note, members do have a reduced rate for 1-on-1 Training Sessions.)


Many of us have injuries or pre-existing conditions that can impede our ability to do certain exercises. Often we don’t even realize we have these impediments, but it becomes evident when we try to do certain exercises. Do you often find that your knees, or your elbow, or your hamstrings, or your shoulder hurt when you workout? These are just examples of common aches & pains we hear about, but if you can relate in any way, our Functional Movement Training might be just what you need.

In order to maximize your ability to exercise and execute exercises properly, our Functional Movement Training Sessions are helpful to determining the cause of your physical limitation and how to correct it. Also, if you have an injury but still want to exercise, these sessions are helpful for working around that injury and can even help you rehab faster.

Our Functional Movement Training Sessions are also 60 minutes long and fall under our traditional 1-on-1 Training pricing. Contact us for more information if you are interested in these very helpful and popular training sessions.


Are you wanting a specific plan laid out for you to tell you what to do to reach your fitness goals? Our Coaching Sessions are popular for those who want someone to spell out what workouts to do on which days, what to eat to maximize results, and to have someone to help hold you accountable. Whether you’re new to working out and want a “coach” to give you extra help at the beginning, or if you’ve been working out for years and you need help getting past a plateau, our coaching sessions are helpful for all levels of fitness experience.

This option is also a lot more economical than our other 1-on-1 services and are a great option for those who a “coach” to tell you what exactly to do and encourage you to keep up with the plan. These sessions are also shorter at 30 minutes per Coaching Session. This is a newer service at Freedom Fitness but has become quite popular, and our members are getting great results!

For members, the first Coaching Session is free. So, if you are a member or are considering becoming a member, you’ll want to take advantage of this service! Contact us if you would like to book a Coaching Session.