Athlete Training

Athletic Training

We have worked with thousands of athletes from around Puget Sound, giving them excellent results and that important competitive edge over their peers. We guarantee that training at Freedom Fitness will give you better speed, agility, balance, strength, and coordination. Also, improving muscle strength and coordination will help keep you injury-free all season.

The experience we provide at Freedom Fitness goes beyond working out, as we also provide guidance to improve nutritional habits and a healthy atmosphere for social interaction with other athletes.

We train sports athletes who participate in: Baseball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming. Of course we can accommodate any athlete who participates in a sport not mentioned.

Individual Training: We train most athletes on an individual basis. We work on everything from teaching basic form to advanced lifting techniques and high intensity workouts. If you are interested in individual training, please CONTACT US for rates and offers.

Team Training: We train teams and can coordinate around team practices and schedules. Why not make one of your weekly practices right here to work on strength and conditioning? CONTACT US for team rate quotes.

Speed & Agility Training: Our Speed & Agility sessions are guaranteed to improve athletes’ explosion, quickness, and endurance. This is an excellent option for both individual athletes or teams. CONTACT US to set up session dates & times.

Senio Kelemete

New Orleans Saints

“I started working out at Freedom Fitness when I was in high school. I was consistent in my workouts and trained 4-5 days a week. I know that the training I put in at Freedom Fitness was a huge part in getting recruited to play for the University of Washington Huskies football team.
During college I was awarded Offensive Lifter of the Year, and I give Drew credit for receiving this honor because I know it’s a direct reflection of his training program throughout my high school years at Freedom Fitness.
After graduating I came back to train at Freedom Fitness while awaiting the NFL draft. Still to this day, I only work out at Freedom Fitness if I’m not training with my team.
I love working out at Freedom Fitness so much, I recommend Freedom Fitness to any athlete who wants to go from good to great!”


Tampa Bay Rays

“I started training with Drew deVry at Freedom Fitness back in high school to become a better baseball player. Throughout high school we focused on building power & strength, as well as, increasing my speed & agility. All necessary components to becoming a better, more explosive athlete. Hard work pays off – I got drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010 when I graduated high school and have been with them since then. I highly recommend baseball players, and all athletes, to work with a trainer and would recommend the training program at Freedom Fitness. It’s the only way to bring out your best.”

Jon Culver

“Jon Culver gained 20 lbs of muscle in 1 year at Freedom Fitness!”